The Diary of a UOW Kid

Human Vs. Animal – The Socially Constructed Difference

Since when did this? Become this?              The differences between humans and animals are noticeably the way in which animals walk on all fours, where humans walk on two legs; animals tend to be either... Continue Reading →


The Enjoyment of Suffering

Ben-Zeev (2009) states that it is "morally evil" to take pleasure in other's misfortune. But when the media exposes its audiences to countless crime shows, documentaries of those 'othered' in society or images that depict pain as an art form... Continue Reading →

Guide To: Becoming a Celebrity

Step 1: Sign up to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat Step 2: Post edited selfies hourly Step 3: Build follower base by using Hashtags Step 4: Engage with your fans by creating interactive videos, posts etc. 'Celebrity' status often refers... Continue Reading →

Born and raised in Wollongong, the decision to attend UOW was basically a path already chosen for me. A level of convenience of it being so close to home, and knowing so many familiar faces really helped myself to settle... Continue Reading →


Narcissistic. Ignorant. Withdrawn. Defining a user of social media commonly displays negative attributes. But what if the same people were a generation leading the way in being open-minded, respectful and accepting of the world and all its people? A virtual... Continue Reading →

C and P: A time for no ads

It's hard to imagine a world with no advertising. But to children and pre-schoolers, exposure to the hundreds of television advertisement's is almost non existent. Don't get me wrong, children are easily influenced to make certain food purchases in stores... Continue Reading →

Are you paying attention?

The debate of whether today's technologically spoilt society is often being researched by people like myself - those who are indeed technologically spoilt. As I write this blog post on my laptop I have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Netflix tabs... Continue Reading →

Sympathy for a Terrorists Mother. How Digital Story Circle’s are Transforming Society.

Story Circle: the act of a group of people sitting face to face commit to produce stories and listen to each others stories. The given reading in Week 7 proposed a 30 page article by Nick Couldry, 'Contructing a Digital... Continue Reading →

Lunch-break with friends and empty seats

On my lunch-break whist at work, I sit alone to eat. However, I am constantly talking to my friends....on my phone. My phone, I use, as a device to pass the time of being alone at a cafe or in... Continue Reading →

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